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Protecting your child's emotional wellbeing when parents separate at Christmas

A Simple Guide to protecting your children at this special time of year.

Sam Little

Confidence in a Crowd

Simple steps to feel confident in a crowd.

Judith Lewis

Erasing Fear

Need to overcome the fear that's stopping you from achieving?

Judith Lewis

Anger in Your Child

Does anger control your child?

Judith Lewis

I am bullied at school

Key advice and help for those finding themselves being bullied


Period Poverty

Standing with every girl against period poverty

Changing Behaviour Group Sessions

Changing Behaviours 5 week course. Begins 12th Sept 2018 Cost: £10 per session

Judith Lewis

"I want..."

Every satisfied desire gives way to a new one. Do we really believe that once we have 'X' we will be happy..?

Seph Fontane Pennock

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