Confidence in a Crowd

Confidence in a Crowd

Firstly it is important to recognise that it is your thought process which is making you feel less confident.
Thoughts in this situation are typically around the assumption that no one else experiencing the same level of nervousness as you and also thinking that everyone is judging you.

Spend time in moments when you are not feeling like this creating the rational response to these types of thought. Practice thinking that most people are nervous and no-one really cares enough to judge you before you do something interesting or atypical.

The more you practise this the easier it will be to access this in the moment you need to.

Secondly, breathing always helps. Deep belly breaths, focusing on the out breath. Make the exhalation long and slow.

Next before the event practice talking to strangers as you are out and about. Make a point to add an extra sentence of conversation when paying the cashier, in an Uber, ordering coffee etc

Then make it your business to know as much as possible about the event. Picture yourself in the scene and approaching individuals you don't know. Plan small conversations which are relevant to the situation. Create a script including 3 interesting ways describing yourself, one of which should be funny.

Lastly remember 3 things: Watch your body language, keep it open and warm, People usually want you to make them feel special so employ active listening, Leave a conversation before it fizzles out, excusing yourself using the name of the person and keeping it open to pick up the conversation later on.

Judith Lewis

Independent Behaviour Specialist & Founder of The Orange Pod

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