About the Orange Pod

As we are independent, we are extremely competent at what we do; we respond to whatever behavioural and emotional issue comes to us. We encourage empowerment and independence above enabling and dependence.

About the Orange Pod

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Our Vision: The Orange Pod exists to create and deliver simple and elegant solutions for emotional and behavioural issues bringing hope and excitement for the future, positively impacting the individual, the family and society.

Our Mission: The Orange Pod seeks to change lives, using evidence based psychological strategies, experience tested techniques and bespoke plans designed specifically around each individual, family circumstance, hope and dream. Through providing a beautiful space to listen, understand and respond to clients with elegant and intelligent solutions, we see lives and entire families change.

Client Types

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Parents, care givers, children, toddlers, grand parents, young adults, teenagers, foster carers, families, step families, adolescents.
All of our clients and every case is individual. Below are some examples of most frequently requested sessions:
Stand alone sessions
Some of our clients only require one session with a specific need or question
Intensive course
Some may want an intensive course of 5 sessions in 1 month
Standard course
Others may want an ongoing and reflective relationship - this is typical for parents with children up to and around the age of 11 who often require approximately 5 appointments with time in-between to employ techniques
Regular Appointments Course
Some may want a longer course of appointments which will be reviewed continually and specifically at every 10 sessions
We offer crisis intervention, at home observation and home visits the cost of which will be discussed with the client at the time.
We run specific group sessions which can be found on our ‘News” pages’.


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Each appointment is 50 minutes (Exceptions: crisis intervention, observation, low focus and initial consultation)
- Stand Alone Sessions £100
- Outside of office hours £120
- Intensive Course 5 in 1 month £400
- Standard Course 5 over 2 months £350
- Regular Appointments as blocks of 10 £900
- Monthly Maintenance £100
- Crisis Intervention £Discussed with client
- Observation £Discussed with client
- CIC/Charities £50
- Low Income (Limited) £30

Stand alone sessions to be paid by bank transfer on receipt of invoice. Block sessions to be pre-paid by bank transfer prior to initial consultation.

We Work With

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The Orange Pod is effective in dealing with issues such as: Affection, Anger, Anxiety, Attachment Disorders, Challenging Behaviour, Disruptive Behaviour, Future Planners, High Achievers, Isolation and Loneliness, Learning Difficulties, Low Self-Esteem, Negative Mind Set, Neurological Differences, Releasing Adult Children, Positive Behaviour Change, Sleeplessness, Tantrums, Trauma, Violence and Aggression and many more.

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"We are effective in managing and transforming children's behaviour."

We Believe

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That words have Strength

Every word spoken and each thought dwelt upon has the capacity to transform brain structure.

That love conquers all

To be listened to empathically is healing and creates the warm environment in which elegant solutions can be created.
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In stopping for oNe

Each of our clients is a unique individual with specific needs and distinct expectations, hopes and dreams.

Our Spaces

Modern, comfortable private consulting rooms where you can relax, feel safe and be heard.

"A space where I can say whatever I want and need to and be given such clear and rapid responses”

Dominic - Father

We Work With

Affection Issues



Attachment Disorders

Challenging Behaviour

Disruptive Behaviour

Future Planners

High Achievers

Isolation and Loneliness

Learning Difficulties

Low Self-Esteem

Neurological Differences

Releasing Adult Children

Positive Behaviour Change




Violence and Aggression

This will be a 90 minute consultation where you will be listened to and during which we will tell you if and how we can work with you and you will tell us if you want to use us. Leave us a message Or email us And we will respond within 48 hours.

50 minute appointment, Face to Face at The Orange Pod Offices, By phone or video call. Our confidentiality, terms and fees are here (TOP Agreement doc)

To be treated with respect, empathy and with no judgement. You will be closely listened to and heard. You will be given strategies and techniques to change behaviour which will produce significant and long term results.


"Just by coming here you've empowered me to reflect on my own parenting and actually the best thing about it is that I’ve realised that the problem was us and not our boy. We are now a lovely family unit, with no stress and as parents we are united."

Testimony Profile.

- Emily | Mother

"Really helpful is the perspective on reward. Natural consequences and natural reward, this sits really well with me."

- Parent of 5 year old son diagnosed with ASC PDA Profile and VH IQ

"Judith is an excellent communicator and has a great ability to adjust her style to meet her target audience, whether that be a large group of children, an individual child or parents."

Testimony Profile.

- Scott | Father

"Went away from our initial meeting with a feeling hope, it made sense and I went straight to sleep that evening which I haven't done for a long  time now."

- Dad of 8 year old boy ODD

" Your advice and clear strategies have completely changed our lives. Our child no longer has the default of unhappy ."

Testimony Profile.

- Kate | Mother of 2

"I don’t think anything about this course could have been better because you have given me techniques which work and which I have been asking for from different services for ages."

- Mother of 5 year old girl with ASC and Anxiety Disorder

"We have a completely different young man as far as confidence goes. He now has a job and is thriving, which is because of your work with him, we can’t thank you enough."

- Parent of Young Adult

"We can stop listening to everyone else and being confused by so much information and be confident that, yes, we do know what is best for our family and our children, thank you!"

Testimony Profile.

- Parents of 7 and 9 year olds

"The Orange Pod and in partuicular Judith has helped me to be free of the unhealthy thought patterns that have controlled my life. I have changed from a boy who didn't know how to be in social situations, nervous and panicking to someone who stands strong. I know my worth and value."

Testimony Profile.

- 18 year old male

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